Enhancing Emergency Response and Unlocking Economic Development Potential

Welcome to Janesville, Wisconsin, where cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the way we approach transportation challenges. City leaders, driven by the need to solve immediate issues for emergency crews and to support inter modal traffic at the former GM plant’s redevelopment, have partnered with LinqThingz to implement a groundbreaking Predictive Mobility Solution.

Solving Immediate Challenges

One of the most pressing issues for Janesville was the impact of rail congestion on emergency response times. Firehouses #1, #2, and #5 often found themselves confounded by rail traffic, causing critical delays. However, with LinqThingz In-Cab and Dispatch applications, emergency crews now have the tools to navigate through the city swiftly and safely.

Optimizing Healthcare Access

Our Predictive Mobility Solution not only benefits emergency crews but also optimizes transport to crucial healthcare facilities in Janesville. Mercy Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, the Janesville Medical Center, and Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center are now more accessible than ever, ensuring that residents receive timely medical care when they need it most.

Efficiency for Public Transportation

For public transportation users, such as the Milton Avenue and Nightside-West bus lines, LinqThingz can make a significant difference. These lines can now avoid rail congestion, providing a smoother and more reliable commuting experience for Janesville’s residents

Measuring the Impact

The consequences of rail congestion extend beyond inconvenience. LinqThingz data shows that it has an $80,000 per year carbon impact, imposes $7 million in social costs due to delays in residents’ travel, and adds $10 million in supply chain and last-mile delivery expenses. When factoring in causality and emergency crew productivity, the total impact reaches a staggering $17 million per year.

A Safer, More Efficient Janesville

With LinqThingz Predictive Mobility Solutions, Janesville can now experience improved safety and a reduction in congestion-related costs. Our technology provides real-time insights into rail operations, enabling informed decision-making and better management of traffic flow.

Join us in transforming Janesville, Wisconsin, into a city where transportation can be safer, more efficient, and supportive of economic development opportunities. Together, we’re building a brighter future for our community.