Empowering Connected Communities through Predictive Mobility: LinqThingz envisions a future where rail safety is seamlessly integrated into the fabric of urban life. By redefining the category, we lead the charge towards predictive mobility solutions that not only safeguard lives but also transform cities into hubs of efficiency, connectivity, and unparalleled safety standards. Our vision is to create a world where every rail crossing becomes a point of convergence rather than congestion, fostering resilience, innovation, and a collective commitment to a safer, smarter, and more harmonious urban landscape.”


Title: “Revolutionizing Rail Crossing Safety: The LinqThingz Predictive Mobility Perspective”

Introduction: Rail is one of the safest, cleanest and most efficient ways to transport goods. A lot has changed since the invention of the cross buck in 1867 when traffic was horses and roads were dirt. In the landscape of emergency response and community safety, the challenges posed by rail crossing delays demand a transformative approach. At LinqThingz, we see an opportunity to redefine the narrative surrounding rail crossings, going beyond conventional solutions to usher in a new era of predictive mobility.

Problem Definition: Rail crossing delays not only jeopardize critical response times for emergency crews but also impact the daily lives of communities. Traditional approaches fall short, and the need for a dynamic, data-driven solution has never been more apparent.

Our Unique Perspective: LinqThingz brings a visionary perspective to the table. We believe that true innovation lies in anticipating challenges before they occur. Predictive Mobility is not just a solution; it’s a paradigm shift. By harnessing the power of advanced sensor technologies and real-time data analysis, we empower fire chiefs and emergency responders to navigate rail crossings with unparalleled precision.

Vision for the Future: Our vision is a future where every rail crossing is approached with confidence and clarity. We envision a city where emergency response teams seamlessly navigate through traffic, unimpeded by the uncertainties of rail congestion. Predictive Mobility is not merely a tool; it’s the cornerstone of a safer, more efficient community.

Educational Content: LinqThingz is committed to fostering a deeper understanding of the impact of rail crossing delays. Through research, community engagement, and educational initiatives, we aim to enlighten stakeholders about the potential of predictive mobility to revolutionize emergency response and enhance public safety.

Redefining road traffic around rail crossings

  1. FROM: Reactive Emergency Response TO: Proactive Emergency Preparedness
    • Shift from responding to emergencies as they occur to proactively preparing for potential challenges through predictive insights.
  2. FROM: Traditional Rail Crossing Solutions TO: Advanced Predictive Mobility
    • Move from conventional approaches to rail crossing safety to an advanced, data-driven predictive mobility solution for enhanced safety and efficiency.
  3. FROM: Manual Crossing Monitoring TO: Automated Real-Time Insights
    • Transition from manual monitoring of rail crossings to an automated system providing real-time insights and alerts.
  4. FROM: Limited Situational Awareness TO: Maximum Situational Awareness
    • Evolve from limited awareness of rail traffic to comprehensive, real-time visualization for better decision-making.
  5. FROM: Long Planning and Implementation Cycles TO: Rapid Deployment and Impact
    • Depart from lengthy planning and implementation cycles to a quick and impactful deployment of solutions in a matter of months.
  6. FROM: Siloed Information TO: Integrated Traffic Data
    • Move away from fragmented data sources to an integrated platform offering a holistic view of traffic conditions and rail interactions.
  7. FROM: Inefficient Community Engagement TO: Collaborative Community Initiatives
    • Transition from traditional community engagement to collaborative initiatives, including impact analyses, surveys, and educational programs.
  8. FROM: Grant Application Challenges TO: Streamlined Funding Support
    • Shift from difficulties in grant applications to streamlined funding support, leveraging LinqThingz’s expertise in securing grants.

The LinqThingz Solutions

“For Forward-Thinking Fire Chiefs and Transportation Leaders, LinqThingz Predictive Mobility is the Pinnacle of Safety and Efficiency. Our Cutting-Edge Technology, backed by 30 years of Expertise, Empowers Cities to Navigate Rail Crossings with Precision, Minimizing Response Times, and Enhancing Community Safety. From Accurate Trainable Sensors to Data-Driven Decision Empowerment, LinqThingz is Your Trusted Partner in Transforming Transportation Challenges into Seamless Solutions.”

“Instinctively Secure: LinqThingz Predictive Mobility Delivers Safety Beyond Expectation. Safeguard Lives, Slash Response Times, and Fortify Your City’s Core. Trigger the Instinct for Protection with Our Proven Technology.”

“Empower Communities, Unleash Efficiency: LinqThingz Predictive Mobility Transforms Rail Crossings into Safe Passages, Elevating Community Well-Being. Foster Collaboration, Boost Civic Pride, and Champion the Future of Seamless Transportation for a City That Thrives Together.”

LinqThingz Trainable Senor Network Architecture

LinqThingz CEO, Kurt Brandt, Ph.D. began filing patent applications for the Trainable Sensor Network architecture in 2003. The bio-mimicking approach uses multiple sensors coupled with machine learning to identify objects and behaviors with a much higher accuracy than single sensors with legacy signal processing techniques. The architecture has been used in mission critical applications in manufacturing, defense, healthcare, security and transportation. More...

Specialized Transportation Management Architecture

LinqThingz has created a specialized traffic management architecture, based on 25 years of data management expertise and built from the ground up to embrace machine learning, heterogeneous sensors, integration to other traffic management systems.

Communicating Advanced Warning

In today’s world there are many ways that drivers receive information regarding traffic conditions. LinqThingz provides a full spectrum of communication options from legacy road-sign signage, to unique mobile applications to the latest of connected vehicle technologies.

Improving Safety By Changing Behaviors

LinqThingz has always been a leader in research, development and studying the behaviors that lead to safe driving experiences. We participate with leaders in transportation by reviewing, presentation and implementing new technology.

See our example rail studies where we match accurate measurement data with community surveys. More..

See new about past and future presentations. More…

Welcome to LinqThingz: Transforming Emergency Response with Innovation

1. Meet Critical Response Times

At LinqThingz, we understand that every second counts in emergency response. Our cutting-edge technology empowers emergency crews to navigate seamlessly, avoiding life-threatening delays caused by rail crossings and ensuring they reach their destinations with utmost urgency.

2. Fast and Cost-effective Solution

Experience a game-changing solution that addresses the needs of an entire city at the cost of a single grade separation. Unlike traditional approaches that take years to implement, LinqThingz can be deployed in a matter of months, offering a swift and cost-effective answer to rail crossing challenges.

3. Best-in-Class User Experience

Our applications set the industry standard for user experience. From DISPATCH and in-cab solutions for emergency vehicles to public-facing mobile applications, LinqThingz provides the fastest situational awareness with minimal effort and distraction, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

4. Precision Trainable Sensor Technology

Benefit from our state-of-the-art Trainable Sensor Technology, developed over 20 years of experience in Defense, Manufacturing, and Transportation. Overcoming the limitations of single or individually connected sensors, our technology provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

5. Data-Driven Decision Empowerment

LinqThingz empowers Fire Chiefs with data-driven decision-making. By processing billions of data points into real-time streams that refresh every second, our platform ensures that critical decisions are made with precision at the most crucial moments.

6. Community Engagement and Education Initiatives

Beyond technology, LinqThingz is committed to community engagement and education. Our initiatives include impact analyses at hundreds of crossings, community surveys, and educational programs. We believe in fostering collaboration and a deeper understanding of community concerns.

7. Funding Support

With a proven track record, LinqThingz has helped our customers secure over $85 million in grant funds through our grant writing resources and network. We are dedicated to supporting fire departments in obtaining the financial resources they need.

8. Unmatched Expertise

Our co-founders bring 30 years of expertise in developing mission-critical solutions for organizations like the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Bosch, and Boeing. This level of expertise ensures cutting-edge solutions and reliable support for fire departments.