LinqThingz is a Predictive Mobility Company – We give advanced warning of blocked crossing to reduce congestion, improve safety and save lives.
Surprising Problem – Freight Traffic blocks roads 3 to 4 hours a day including ambulances! See recent report to US congress summarizing this problem
See dramatic video showing how current warning systems fail
In cities like San Antonio – this amounts to a $1.4B that is estimated to cost $2.5B to improve with bridges and tunnels. See more details of this analysis/calculation on Waukesha Wisconsin –

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Our CEO has long history of bringing innovative technology solutions to billion dollar markets for GE, Harley Davidson, Eaton, Johnson Controls, and solving key national problems for the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and more. The LinqThingz teams has had history of success with startups and fortune 100 companies.
The problem managing train and road traffic is a big market on the journey that includes autonomous vehicles, drones and traffic in space.
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We’re building a communication network starting with government customers, new infrastructure funds and bringing to the logistics and supply chain markets as we gain coverage.

We have built our milestone plan based on metrics for successful, billion-dollar SaaS companies and aligned it with our technology solution and market opportunity.

Companies with similar technology and markets like “Mobileye” have exited for as $15B
We’re raising $2M to build out a critical mass in the heart of congested rail and truck traffic. This expands on our Wisconsin solutions to IL, IN, OH, MI.
Railroad crossbucks where patented in 1867 with roads where dirt and traffic was horses. It is unconscionable that the world is so different but rail crossings solutions have not changed. This is a unique opportunity to make a digital change for the better of society.
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