What is a Fusion Sensor?

A fusion sensor, also referred to a sensor fusion, uses multiple sensors along with logic to deduce sensed result based on the strengths and weaknesses of individual sensors. The is an example of bio-mimicry. Animals typically use the combination of multiple sensors (sight, sound, smell, touch, etc.) to deduce a result.

LinqThingz uses sensor fusion along with a trained neural network (AI) to differentiate train, cross gate, vehicles, people and other objects in order to maximize Receiver Operation Curve (ROC). In other words, maximize true positives, maximize true negatives, minimize false positives, minimize false negatives.

LinqThingz also provides a distributed AI system that takes data from multiple sensors to understand motion of trains and other object resulting in Predictive Mobility. LinqThingz Predictive Mobility Platform provide information to control systems, to cloud based transportation management systems through our API and to human users through web and mobile applications.